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Product offer - Multifunctional relays for Power Engineering


Automatic control and protection set depends on the analogue channel configuration and is limited by the maximum number of software configuration objects of the iZAZ400. In the software variant, the set is chosen from a basic application library and it is possible to configure a dedicated, individual group of required protective functions. The following standard hardware versions of the analogue input configurations are available (up to 12 analogue inputs):

A - optimal: I13f, 3Io, I3, U13f, U2, 3Uo
B - maximum: I13f, I23f, 3Io, U13f, U2, 3Uo
Z - impedance: I13f, 3Io, U13f, U2, 3Uo 
D - differential: I13f, I23f, I33f, I43f
S - voltage: Ut1, Ut2, Us13f, Us23f

Other, individual hardware configurations can be also manufactured. The details on the availability of functions in certain hardware variants are listed in Table 1 of the Catalog Card (PDF 1,8 MB).

Protective function and automatic control library

  • Overcurrent (50/51)
  • Inverse time overcurrent (51)
  • Peak overcurrent (wide frequency range) (50/51)
  • Inverse time overcurrent (49R)
  • Thermal overcurrent (49M)
  • Negative sequence overcurrent (46)
  • Inverse time negative sequence overcurrent (46)
  • Undercurrent (37)
  • Directional overcurrent (67)
  • Overvoltage (59)
  • Peak overvoltage (wide frequency range) (59)
  • Undervoltage (27)
  • Residual overvoltage (59N)
  • Negative sequence overvoltage (47)
  • Positive sequence undervoltage (27D)
  • Rate of voltage change (59S/27S)
  • Incremental rate of voltage change (59SA/27SA)
  • Integral rate of voltage change (59SI/27SI)
  • Ground fault overcurrent (50N/51N)
  • Ground fault inverse time overcurrent (51N)
  • Ground fault directional - MV (59N/67N)
  • Ground fault directional - HV (59N/67N)
  • Earth-fault admittance, non-directional (21N)
  • Earth-fault admittance, directional (0÷90), capacitative (21N)
  • Frequency (81H/81L)
  • Rate of frequency change (81S)
  • Incremental rate of frequency change (81SA)
  • Overexcitation (24)
  • Directional power supervision, against reverse power (32R)
  • Directional power supervision, against load rejection (32L)
  • External (62)
  • Load-jam motor rotor (51LR)
  • Starting-time supervision (48)
  • Strartup monitoring (66)
  • Rotor stall monitoring (51LR)
  • Phase-sequence voltage (47)
  • Loss-of-excitation (40/27)
  • Underimpedance, circular (21)
  • Against accidental switching of a non-excited generator (50/27)
  • Loss-of-synchronism (RMS current pulsations) (51S)
  • Differential for generator, transformer, generator-transformer block with interlock from 2 h and 5 h (87G/87T/87B)
  • Differential for line (two semi-sets) (87L)
  • Distance, five zone, polygonal or circular (21)
  • Short circuit locator function (LMZ)
  • Power swing detection function (68/68T)
  • Earth-fault differential REF (IL1+IL2+IL3-3Io) (64REF)
  • Earth-fault of rotor (64R)
  • Earth-fault of stator 100% (3h difference) (64S)
  • Against synchronism loss / pole slip (78)
  • Power factor monitoring tgφ (55)
  • Automatic underfrequency load shedding
  • Automatic reclosing (79)
  • Automatic transfer switch
  • Automatic planned transfer switch
  • Automatic control for automatic voltage load shedding
  • Local breaker failure (50BF)
  • Synchrocheck (25)
  • Tester for rotor cages of inductive motors
  • Detection of cable insulation failures

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