Availability of individual protective functions depends on input and output circuit configuration. The following hardware versions of the analogue input configurations are available (up to three analogue inputs):

I1.A1 - three current inputs In = 1 A
I5.A5 - three current inputs In = 5 A
IS - three current sensor inputs
U1 - three voltage inputs Un = 100 V
U2 - three voltage inputs Un = 230 V
Io - current input 3Io and voltage input 3Uo

The A1, A5 current variants are equipped with a dedicated flash sensor input for arc protection.

Depending on the chosen version, the device may be equipped with 3 or 4 actuating relays. The details on the availability of functions in certain hardware variants are listed in Table 1 of the Product Data Sheet.

Protective function library

  • Overcurrent/undercurrent, four-stage (50/37)
  • Arc protection (required for the operation of the fourth stage of the overcurrent protection) (50A)
  • Negative sequence overcurrent, two-stage, (46)
  • Thermal overcurrent (49M)
  • Overvoltage/undervoltage, four-stage (59/27)
  • Negative sequence overvoltage, two-stage (47)
  • Voltage overfrequency/underfrequency, four-stage (81H/81L)
  • Earth-fault four-stage with stage setting as:
    • overcurrent zero-current, independent (50N)
    • overvoltage zero-voltage (59N)
    • overcurrent with voltage interlock (67N)
    • earth-fault directional (59N/67N)
    • earth-fault admittance, circular (21N)
    • earth-fault admittance, directional (0÷90), capacitative (21N)
  • External (62)