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Multifunctional relays for Power Engineering - about ZAZ-En

Our story

ZAZ-En was established as a limited liability company by entities with a long presence in the sector of power system protection (PSP) device manufacturing. One of the foundations of the newly established company is the highly-qualified personnel with extensive experience gained in Tychy-based Zakład Elektroniki Górniczej ZEG S.A., as well as during the establishing and operation of ZEG-ENERGETYKA company. The support of a reliable partner, Zakład Produkcyjny Aparatury Elektrycznej - ZPrAE Sp. z o.o company based in Siemianowice Śląskie, is an additional asset.


Thanks to our expertise in manufacturing and operating, the knowledge of needs and problems of the sector as well as implementation of new functional capabilities and trends in the development of protection devices, we created a new a series of devices named iZAZ. These devices enable the implementation of power system protection on various levels and for different facilities, from individual current and voltage relays, through protection of medium voltage bays (switchgears, motors, transformers), to generator-transformer blocks of the highest power.

Manufacturing devices based on a uniform software platform ensures reliable and selective detection of interferences during the operation of the protected facility and a prompt reaction by means of applying adequate emergency control as well as interoperability with external signalling and recording systems. Apart from an extensive library of protection functions, the devices are equipped with measuring and diagnostic systems that significantly expand the functional capabilities and improve work safety of the devices. The modern construction of the devices complies with the requirements listed in the IEC 61850 protocol standards. iZAZ multifunctional relays are known for infallibility as well as quick and reliable operation, which minimizes the risk of non-selective tripping.

We encourage you to browse through the offer of ZAZ-En Sp. z o.o.


One of the important aspects of ZAZ-En operation is the support service offer for both ZAZ-type analogue and CZAZ-type digital PSP devices manufactured by ZEG S.A. and ZEG-ENERGETYKA Sp. z o.o. The skilled personnel of ZAZ-En is a guarantee of seamless and continuous support for these devices. With our knowledge, reliability and expertise, we are able to provide an attractive offer of support services. Thus, the Customer has a broader choice of high-quality support services offered for a competitive price.

ZAZ-En offers comprehensive support services for both analogue (ZAZ) and digital (CZAZ) multifunctional relays in terms of testing the multifunctional relays and their elements (modules), including preventive regeneration of power supplies (in order to limit the number of failures). Periodical checks on protection devices are performed during planned maintenance breaks, limiting the number of emergency shut-downs resulting from failures of these devices. Losses due to unwanted interruptions are disproportionately high compared to the cost of periodical maintenance of protection devices. We encourage you to implement preventive measures, such as regular periodic inspections of multifunctional relays. Procuring optional spare modules often shortens the duration of emergency downtimes.

Exemplary scope of actions performed during periodic inspections:

  • cleaning of the multifunctional relay in order to perform tests,
  • continuity check of protection connections,
  • battery replacement (if needed),
  • measurement of start-up values and the characteristics of protection device at working setting, including forcing measurement values at the terminal blocks of the relay,
  • measuring operation times of the protection device (working settings),
  • checking logical links between signals (relay logic),
  • emergency control systems check,
  • binary inputs check,
  • relay signalling output check,
  • check of emergency signalling and light signals on the control panel,
  • preparation of measurement report containing test results and a confirmation of technical working order of the multifunctional relay.

The standard offer also includes power supply checks with regeneration, if necessary.

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