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Product offer - Multifunctional relays for Power Engineering


The order should contain the following information: device name, analogue channel configuration, rated current/measurement voltage, auxiliary supply voltage, and the protective function set variant. Optionally, you can use the iZAZ hardware version configuration tool: iZAZ Tools Draw - Version Generator.

Order examples:

iZAZ200-A5X-024-A1 - iZAZ200 type multifunctional relay: analogue channel current configuration (I13f, 3Io), current channels with transformers rated at 5 A, no voltage channel, rated auxiliary voltage: Upn=24VDC/AC. Protective function set variant according to A1.

iZAZ200-BX1-220-B0 - iZAZ200 type multifunctional relay: analogue channel voltage configuration (U13f, 3Uo), no current channel, voltage channels with transformers rated at 100 V, rated auxiliary voltage: Upn=220VDC / 230VAC. Protective function set according to the attached list, e.g. 59(3), 27(3), 81L(3), 81H(1), 47(2).

Details on the ordering methods can be found on the pages of the Catalog Card (PDF 684,4 KB).


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