Area of application

iZAZ100 is a series of single function digital protection relays, with no communication option and up to three measurement inputs. It includes voltage, current, earth-fault, frequency, time, and special relays. They are characterised by accuracy and reliable operation, a broad range of start-up value settings and easy control via a functional setting layout and an LCD display. They can be used in any environment not requiring a large number of inputs/outputs and extensive protection functions, where small enclosure sizes, low energy consumption and cost reduction are important.

Apart from the protective functions, iZAZ100 are also used for measuring and signalling. Structural elements of these relays are mounted in a non-flammable fuse type enclosure equipped with screw terminals. The enclosure is suitable for mounting on a TS 35 rail. These devices are an interesting alternative in industrial and electrical power automatic protection systems.

iZAZ100 is equipped with a last actuation recorder, which enables quantitative analysis of interferences occurring during the operation of the protected facility by recording threshold parameters of analogue signals measured from the moment of excitation to the reactivation of the function after its operation. This recorder enables quick assessment of the event by presenting information on criterion values associated with the interference, giving the user the opportunity to verify settings.

The iZAZ100 relay was adapted to work with a flash sensor for arc protection.

Functional characteristics

  • Up to three measuring inputs (hardware-configurable)
  • Up to four programmable output relays
  • One binary input
  • Control pulse formed on operation
  • Measurement of current input signal values
  • Last actuation recorder
  • BZ contact output for signalling device failure or the loss of auxiliary voltage
  • Testing and autotesting of proper operation
  • 4 LEDs for optical signalling of the major device statuses
  • Control panel with an alphanumeric 2×16 LCD display and a simplified keyboard on the front panel for controlling the device
  • Digital technology ensuring high stability, accuracy and reliability of operation
  • Settings protected against unauthorised access